Do You Deploy These Leadership Solutions to Today’s Business Challenges

Do You Deploy These Leadership Solutions to Today's Business Challenges

Do You Deploy These Leadership Solutions to Today’s Business Challenges

The defining moment when the best leaders step forward is when business conditions are extremely challenging. It takes an effective, creative leader to look at their business initiatives with an entirely different lens and inspire others to adopt their new vision. One of my areas of expertise – due to years of leadership experience under those conditions – is helping organizations move through organizational change or difficult times while still substantially improving productivity, performance, and profitability.

Here are the 7 key components leaders must embrace to achieve the 3 P’s of high Productivity, Performance and Profitability:

1st Component: Clarity of Vision

You must have a bigger, more expansive vision and the ability to effectively and persuasively articulate it to your team. Think high-level and strategically paint a crystal-clear picture that everyone can get behind.

2nd Component: Corporate Think Tank

Develop your own corporate mastermind group, consisting of collaborative partners within your team and across the organization. Within that dynamic DNA incubator you’ll gain conceptual agreement regarding best approaches for ultimate buy-in, support, and success.

3rd Component: Innovation

Today’s challenges can’t be fixed with yesterday’s solutions. You need to listen to new ideas by giving everyone a voice. That will raise engagement levels, make team members feel more invested, and inspire greater cross-pollination of innovation DNA and a curious, positive mindset that asks “What’s possible?” at every step.

4th Component: Implementation

Don’t grow so attached to the theorizing and idea-analyzing process that you fail to implement. Perfecting an idea is fine, but that process has a short shelf life. Make a decision at some point to move forward and launch your idea. Forward motion gives life and energy at the DNA level, and you can always revise as needed, once you have roll-out success.

5th Component: Success Markers

First and foremost, always establish clear success markers to monitor momentum. Then track them on your metrics dashboard weekly, to know exactly how you and your team are moving the needle toward the desired results.

6th Component: Accountability

Many leaders fail to hold people accountable for overall team results. But when you raise the bar, expect more of your team, and support them along the way they will reliably and consistently deliver. It is vital to organizational DNA that you designate accountability partners responsible to deliver results within specific timeframes.

7th Component: Celebrate Victories

Celebrate small wins along the way. Those may be successes related to team results, new behaviors, innovative ideas, or collaborative DNA. Letting people celebrate relatively minor milestones motivates them each step of the way toward those major groundbreaking achievements.

Especially during challenging times, these 7 components are critical to your leadership success. They ensure forward progress in a cohesive, collaborative team environment with high morale and engagement – and strong, measurable results.

Which of these key components are you struggling with the most…as you work to accelerate your leadership during a difficult time or complicated transition?

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