New Year’s Resolutions Are Actually Bad News

New Year's Resolutions Are Actually Bad News

New Year’s Resolutions Are Actually Bad News

I have a New Year’s resolution for you. Vow to stop making them. You heard me right! They are actually a bad idea that can torpedo your success right out of the gate and set a precedent of failure for the entire year. Everyone in January preaches to you to set your New Year’s Resolutions or come up with your “word of the year.”

But not me. I’ve never been a big believer in New Year’s resolutions because research confirms that they have a short shelf life. More than 90% of people who make them don’t achieve them. They set unrealistic, ambitious goals – and the majority of people naively expect big results by the end of the first month! Not surprisingly, most resolutions get broken by February first. That means you’ve broken your commitment to yourself. That makes you feel lousy, and the natural reaction for most people is that they revert back to their old habits – the ones they need to ditch. They curl up in that familiar comfort zone where no positive growth happens, already disappointed in themselves.

I cannot imagine a worse way to start the year. That’s why I teach my clients that transformational change is a daily mindset that fuels habitual practices and intentional behaviors. Profound, career-accelerating changes don’t happen in a month or by a certain end date. Instead you should map out a plan that ensures you are constantly moving forward, evolving, improving, and gaining ground.

Here are four key questions to ask yourself this month. Answer them with thought and intention and they will guarantee you experience a super-successful year in 2017.

1) Where do you need to personally/professionally improve?

Consider where you are right now…your current state. Then envision what you want to achieve as your future state. Where do you want to go and what you want to have when you get there? Momentum causes us to repeat behaviors that could be a waste of time or lead us in the wrong direction. Examine everything. Envision unlimited possibility!

2) What 3 things do you need to focus on every day?

What three daily habits or behaviors need to change? Where does your daily primary focus need to be? What do you need to do more intently – and what do you need to STOP doing? We are creatures of habit. Identify three areas where you want to apply the multiplier principle. Focus on those for 90 days, and you will become twice as effective in those areas.

3) Who do you wish to become in 2017?

Consider what type of dynamic leader you wish to be. How will you inspire and influence others? What will your signature accomplishment be? Are you shaping an intentional legacy? Do you communicate in the most persuasive way? Where can you develop yourself to generate the greatest ROI for yourself and your career? Write down in one sentence the kind of leadership you want to exude and represent.

4) Are you committed to internal positive change?

Are you willing to do what it takes to realize your success? Great leaders go out into the world – or deeper within themselves – and discover untapped potential that mediocre leaders never see. They create their own opportunities by addressing their vulnerabilities and playing to their unique strengths. Be committed to your power. Embrace a new mindset. Positively change your internal identity. Watch as amazing external change happens.

Remember, what you believe about yourself is what you will become. I want you to become your best – so let’s bring out your best in 2017!

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