New Leadership Tips to Quickly Develop Fully Accountable Teams

New Leadership Tips to Quickly Develop Fully Accountable Teams


The other day I had a great conversation with an HR executive who was promoted last year and wants to continue his career success. For him to do so, he needs for his team to do their part. I advised him not to hold on tight but to coach his team and transform them into leaders, too.

Here are eight great leadership tips in an easy acronym form that spells “TEAMWORK“.

T. Teaching

Just as coaches of a sports team cannot succeed without teaching winning techniques and strategies to their players, the same goes for leaders of corporate teams. Identify as an educator. Study effective teaching methods. Then apply them to be a more effective and performance-oriented leader.

E. Empowerment

Don’t be a hovering helicopter leader. You have got to be willing to let them go and do it on their own. Nobody likes a backseat driver, and until you remove the training wheels and give your team real freedom to act on their own they won’t be genuinely empowered.

A. Accountability

With power comes accountability, so if they fall short or fail and you do not hold them accountable, how are they going to learn from those mistakes? Don’t deprive them of that valuable learning moment.

M. Metrics

Always rely on valid metrics. Instead of them blaming you for your biased and subjective perspective, the scoreboard won’t lie and will reveal the whole story. Then they will turn to you as their trusted coach, to help them improve and do better next time.

W. Work

Even if your team members are brilliant and talented, you have to make sure they are putting in the hours and working their hardest. That is what will distinguish them above all the other high potential employees out there competing for their jobs.

O. Ownership

Instill a sense of ownership in each of your team members, and that will have a positive and tangible multiplier effect throughout everything they do. Just as you feel that you must own your role as the leader, you also need to instill that same quality in them.

R. Responsibility

Many bosses are scared to create real leaders. They are afraid those up-and-coming employees with outshine them. Don’t let small vision impede big results. If you prove you can develop leaders who shoulder big responsibility you’ll be the most valued leader in your organization.

K. Knowledge

Knowledge is power, so think of new ways to expose your team to coaching, training, and other forms of development. Break down barriers to combat the silo effect while cultivating a climate of full and unselfish creative collaboration.

Put these leadership tips to the test. Then tell me, please – what results did you see from following them or what are your own favorite nuggets of leadership wisdom?


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