Success Journaling for Predictable Business Achievement

Success Journaling for Predictable Business Achievement


Looking back over your incremental progress can inspire you and give you courage to keep moving onward and upward. That’s why I recommend that you start keeping a “success journal” where you jot down your day-to-day accomplishments.

Why? Small successes seem insignificant or routine on their own. So we tend to forget them. But writing them down until they fill an entire book is a huge confidence booster and a great way to keep score of how much you are really accomplishing.

Maybe you had that difficult conversation you had been procrastinating about and smoothed things out. Way to go! Perhaps you finished a thick novel, met a challenging deadline at work, or stuck to your exercise schedule. Those are valid accomplishments! No, they won’t go on your resume. But they should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Journaling minor victories in life gives you added strength and a healthy sense of identity. Keep a success journal and you’ll have pages of positive, self-affirming evidence.  An extra dose of belief in yourself may be the fuel to propel you to the next level.

Write down your daily accomplishments and watch them accumulate like pennies saved that soon become hundreds of valuable dollars. The trip of a 1,000 miles is, after all, just a series of small little steps added together in an organized way.

Enjoy the journey and celebrate your successful self! A success journal is a great tool for keeping your mojo going and giving you the momentum needed to climb those steeper hills and reach greater heights.


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