Fly High with “My Why”

Fly High with “My Why”


You’ve probably heard of “MiFi” – the wireless gadgetry that lets you take your own private communication network with you everywhere you go. But I think we also need a “My Why” that keeps us inwardly connected to our passions and dreams.

Discovering your individual “My Why” lets you get in touch with WHY you do WHAT you do. There is no better way to tap into your genuine identity. Do that and the messages broadcast 24/7 by your personal and professional brand will resonate a deeper, more unique level.

“Me” Motives

I’ve always been inspired, for example, by helping other people overcome their fears and realize their full potential. Staying in touch with that emotional motivation keeps me inspired and balanced. It gives my work real purpose and makes it easier to face whatever challenges come my way.

What aspect of your work gives you that sublime feeling of reward and satisfaction? Nurture a connection with that Muse in your daily activities and it will give you a new, unlimited source of energy and creativity. Acting from a place of intention naturally improves performance, and it harnesses the law of attraction for greater success.

Purpose versus Process

We can talk to other people about the nuts and bolts of what we do. But sometimes during those kinds of conversations they start to zone-out because the mundane mechanics of our professions aren’t always inspirational. When you explain to them about the “why” aspects of your livelihood that really excite you, though, that grabs their attention.

Everyone is impressed to meet someone who loves what they do. Those are also the kinds of people we want to do business with, because we know they are passionate about a job well done. Learn to articulate that sense of purpose and it will stoke your fires while it also inspires others to want to work with you.

Leadership by Legacy

Another idea I want to share with you is that you do not have to wait until the end of your career to enjoy your legacy. Legacy is not just something to put in your memoirs. If you visualize your legacy today it can became a living reality right now.

That internalized dream of how you want to impact the world will motivate your daily routine. It will light a spark inside the people you lead. Guess what else? By leading an intentional life based on your picture of legacy you’ll start to build an enduring one. Take this concept to heart. It will change your life today and change the lives of others for generations to come!


So tell me, how do you want to reinvent yourself


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