Constantly Reinvent Yourself for Greater Success

Constantly Reinvent Yourself for Greater Success


You must reinvent yourself. Every species does and improves as it evolves. Those that don’t soon become extinct and we don’t even remember most of their names. The same process takes place in the competitive business world.

Be your best at doing what you love. Then step beyond the familiar comfort zone into that dynamic realm where natural, sustainable growth and development happens.

The process of pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory will excite you and expand your imagination. The learning curve will stimulate your intelligence and creativity.

The personal experience will vanquish your fears as it elevates your confidence and takes your professional expertise to a whole new level.

The rewards will surpass anything you imagined, and you can then reinvest them to accept some new and different challenge.

By fully engaging yourself in this way you’ll derive genuine satisfaction and authentic work/life balance. You’ll gain the material resources to enhance the lives of those around you and live your dreams.

34 years ago, for example, I graduated from college and started working as an accountant who really wanted to manage her own department store.

16 years ago I was promoted to the position of a senior level executive in a Fortune 100 company, helping to manage multiple stores for Macy’s.

7 years ago I left that comfortable job to become an independent image consultant and entrepreneur.

5 years ago I reinvented my business to specialize in executive presence coaching and professional development of top talent for large businesses.

3 years ago during a bad economy I tripled my revenues within just 12 months.

1 year ago I published my first book about what I’ve learned about actionable goals and the power of a positive mindset.

Now the year is almost over and I wonder what will I do next!

So tell me, how do you want to reinvent yourself


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