Communicating Upward: Women and Executive Presence

Communicating Upward: Women and Executive Presence


More than 80% of women recently surveyed said they are not sure what their bosses expect of them. Plus the deck is already stacked against us. Despite lots of progress, women are still systematically shut out from many top positions.

Let me tell you what I think, as I reveal one of the biggest career traps out there.

The Feedback Trap

You want some direction, insight, and feedback. Everyone says “Ask your boss, a colleague or close friend!” Sure, that sounds like good advice on the surface. But actually it’s a sneakily disguised pitfall.

Why? Let me put it this way. If your doctor is a lousy communicator with a terrible bedside manner would you ask your friends to diagnose you instead? Yeah, I didn’t think so, and neither would I.

Bosses can be just like that. They may be expert in their particular field. But that does not mean they are good at giving insightful feedback and dynamite tips on how to get promoted.

(Some are even scared to let you get promoted because you’ll leave their team!)

Ask an Amateur?

Meanwhile your coworkers are in the same boat as you. In fact they are probably competing for the same promotion.

Who does that leave? Your friends and family are vital for support. But are they qualified when it comes to your career?

They simply aren’t equipped, trained, or experienced. They won’t be objective and provide a constructive consultation with the kind of support needed to make profound behavioral changes. They don’t know how to develop you into a phenomenal, iconic leader.

Don’t You Deserve the Best?

As a woman you already need to do a superior job of marketing yourself to higher-ups. Maybe you just aren’t as comfortable bragging about yourself. (By the way, that’s one reason why women make the best leaders!)

Strong women who want true transformational change to develop executive presence need a step-by-step system that moves them along the path to career acceleration success. You deserve nothing less – which is why I developed my executive presence program – the Predictable Promotion™ System – with you in mind! Give me a call. We need to talk!


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