3 Ways to Motivate Your Dream Team

3 Ways to Motivate Your Dream Team


Building a dream team involves putting the right people into the mix. Together they will be greater as a unit than they could ever be as individual parts. You’ll be their leader. The metrics will be off the charts. Your boss will give you a medal and the corner office. Break out the champagne!

Yeah, that’s one way of looking at it, especially when you are designing teams inside the comfort and safety of your own brain. But you can create the best team on earth, and if the players are disenchanted they won’t even show up on game day. So make sure to focus on raising the levels of morale, inspiration, and engagement. Those are the three essential ingredients all teams need in order to be successful.

#1 Connect Where it Matters

Talk to the members of your team. What are their goals and aspirations? Why are they with your organization? Are they satisfied with their compensation and role? If you don’t know then you are out of touch as their leader. But if you dig deep and discover what makes them tick you will have the key to unlocking peak performance and untapped talent.

#2 Show Them the Future

If you want them to give you their all, then give them a reason to invest in your leadership. How will you promote their careers? What strategies do you have for selling their value to senior decision makers? Spell it out and follow through with it. Otherwise they may think that you are only using them to promote your own career agenda. But if you give them the vision of how their teamwork will lead to fulfillment of their dreams and goals, they’ll follow you through flames.

#3 Create Stakeholders

To get 100 percent engagement you have to make each member of the team feel like an owner and stakeholder. Tie their performance to incentives and rewards. Show them metrics that prove that their contributions are having a real, measureable impact on the whole organization. Make them feel part of something bigger than themselves. Then they’ll exceed their own perceived limitations in pursuit of group excellence.

History is littered with the ashes of great generals and kings who went down in flames because their powerful armies just weren’t feeling it that day. Be sure you’re incorporating these ingredients into your team leadership. That will give you the potent advantage of high morale and make the job of leadership a whole lot easier.


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