Beat and Defeat the Evil Twin Within!

Beat and Defeat the Evil Twin Within!

Over the years I’ve worked with many clients who face some extraordinary challenges. But I’ve discovered that the single greatest obstacle to success for most high potentials is not external. Instead it comes from inside, from what I refer to as “the evil twin within.”

No matter how great you are or how big a game you are capable of playing, the voice of that evil twin has a way of making you feel small and unworthy. Take me for example. I procrastinated for years before finally leaving my comfy Fortune 100 position to launch my own consulting companies, because I was convinced that I would be a total flop. As it turns out I was dead wrong, because all of my fears and apprehensions were myths and put-downs being spread inside my head by my evil twin. She’s just like the back-biting office gossip when it comes to propagating untruths to undermine self esteem, courage, and confidence.

Well enough about her! I no longer give her the podium. After all, she’s the same one who 30 years ago said I was too shy and introverted to ever become a public speaker. That sounds totally laughable now as I prepare to give another keynote speech to a huge audience of high-powered executives and leading entrepreneurs.

I had a private client, for example, who worked for a major law firm. She explained to me that she was not going to attain the next level promotion she wanted because she was up against her male colleagues. But as I worked with her on her mindset issues she began to realize that her main obstacle was an internalized belief system that many women share. Due to a lack of confidence about trying to succeed in an unfair, male-dominated world, she was convinced that her talents would never be acknowledged and recognized.

After silencing her evil twin within, however, she leveled the playing field and guess what? She won that predictable promotion, beating out all of her male colleagues from across the USA to become a partner in the law firm.

As soon as you upgrade your internal view of the situation, in other words, the dynamics of your external circumstances also change in a positive, supportive way.

Have you figured out yet what the topic of my upcoming keynote speech happens to be? How to silence negative mental chatter and live a more positive and intentional life for faster and more predictable promotions!

So, yes, if I can put the internal voices of self-sabotage on mute and flip my evil twin on her head then you can too! I’m living proof of that!


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