Significantly Fuel Your Valuable Online Presence

Significantly Fuel Your Valuable Online Presence

Nobody wants to be perceived as having a one-dimensional leadership image. But without a robust online presence your brand may wind up as flat a pancake. So here are some tips of mine to help you supercharge your social media persona.

Don’t Be Generic

If you’re on LinkedIn, for instance, don’t default to the computer-generated “invite” message options. Recipients of those might think you are just trying to tick off another connection to add to your networking numbers – and nobody likes to be treated like a statistic. Take the time to write a personal note. Remind them how and where you met and let them know you want to learn more about their products and services.

Contribute to the Conversation

A great way to build your credibility is to answer questions on topics within your special area of expertise. Your voice will be heard, your insight will be valued, and people will start to seek you out for advice. Participating in this kind of interactive dialog can raise your exposure in your target market as well as in your industry. But it is also a great way to get the attention of bloggers and other members of the media who can then amplify your leadership brand all over the world.

Get Involved

Join groups where you’d like to build your professional network. If you belong to an organization, send them an invite. Also look to add to discussions or ask questions on a weekly basis to keep your presence active and energetic. Sharing and giving is the key to success, so don’t be stingy. Give great content and maintain a dynamic presence on social media sights. The value of your contributions will be returned to you many times over through mutual exchange.

Another good tip is that once you meet someone online, ask them to keep in touch in case you want to send referral business their way. They’ll realize there is something in it for them and be more prone to respond and reciprocate.

Take Away Exercise

Convert Your Connections:

You already know how to work offline with tools such as marketing funnels to convert prospects and leads into active customers.

  • Using that same concept, come up with 2-3 methods for converting online contacts into offline networks. How can you make that social media friend a real business partner?
  • Will you meet for coffee, invite them to attend an industry event with you, or introduce them to a client who can use their services?

Once you make a good connection on social media, use your new strategies to arrange to meet face-to-face. That’s how to embark on a real world business relationship.

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