Who Do You Want to Be?

Who Do You Want to Be?


Here is a question each of us needs to ask every time we look in the mirror: Who do you really want to be? What’s your innermost desire for your life? In terms of your relationships, career, wealth, and legacy what exactly is it that you crave?

We’ve all heard stories about actors or models “discovered” on the street, in a restaurant, or by a chance encounter in a crowded airport. Talent scouts see them and know that they have a destiny awaiting them in the limelight. But high potentials who wait around their office for ideal clients, companies, or senior HR executives to discover them are kidding themselves. Nobody is going to stop you in the elevator and suddenly offer you your dream job or promotion.

Sure, we all want to be found out, recognized, and compensated for our unique skills, knowledge, and experience. But in the business world if you want to be discovered there is only one person who can do that – YOU. If you really want to succeed and actually start living your dreams you have to become passionate, determined, and fully invested in discovering or uncovering your hidden, natural talent, value, and inclination. Never mind what degree you earned in college, what your parents or friends expect from you, or what career path you’re on right now. Unless you’re fulfilled – professionally, emotionally, and financially – then you are not yet connecting with your destiny, legacy, and life purpose.

The beauty of using what you love as your career compass is that it sets you apart from everyone else in the universe in a powerful way. Your brand becomes an extension of your desire. The value-add you bring to the table is completely aligned and fueled by everything that is meaningful to you in life. You intentionally merge what you do each day with what you want to do with your entire life. That makes every small task a step toward your legacy, and every completed project emotionally and creatively rewarding. Unfortunately most people don’t place personal alignment in the middle of their career journey, and they also feel that something is missing. Until you really go for it, nobody around you will recognize it within you. But once you do it radiates, 24/7, in a contagiously charismatic way that will turn your career into gold.

Predictable Promotion™ Exercise

If you knew you only had a year left to live on this earth, what would you reject from your life?

Shouldn’t you start tossing that out now? What core set of values will be left, and how do those synch with your career objectives?

Even just starting to ponder these ideas will begin transforming your subconscious mind. Soon that will ignite your passion to magnetically draw what you really want into the path of your life!


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