A Winning Mindset: 3 Keys to Creating a Positive Attitude Daily Habit

A Winning Mindset: 3 Keys to Creating a Positive Attitude Daily Habit

As we ease into the New Year I’m having lots of honest conversations with corporate executives and entrepreneurial leaders about what it is they REALLY want. When you get deep below the surface what everyone craves above all else is simple – a happier, more satisfying lifestyle. But as a leader you are constantly forced to manage other people’s problems, attitudes, and workplace morale. That will take a toll on even the strongest and most optimistic person.

Plus we have to contend with ingrained influences from earlier in life, especially childhood. I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a rather negative household where pointing out the negative always seemed like default mode. That had an enduring impact on my own self-image. But I am also vibrant proof that you can develop the positive habits of a winning attitude!

Here are three great ways to start:

3 Keys to Creating Daily Positive Mindset Habits

1) Positivity is a Daily Choice

For me, this was a very hard concept to initially grasp. Years ago I read books that said you were either born as a positive or negative person, and I was obviously born in the negative camp. But later I realized that you can choose your attitude, the same way you pick out your clothes each morning. We all get to choose how we want to feel about what the world throws at us. Nobody but me is in control of my winning attitude, and no one can take that away from me!

2) Rid Your Life of Negative Clutter

I know from experience that when you live on the negative side of life, you magnetically attract other negative people into your universe. Sometimes you have to really be objective and evaluate the people close to you to determine whether they are pulling you up or dragging you down. Moving away from the energy-drainers in your life is not always easy. But only when you surround yourself with supportive, self-affirming people will enjoy a thoroughly happy life.

3) Reinforce Positivity from the Inside-Out

The more that you reinforce positive patterns of thought in the conscious mind, the sooner the subconscious self responds. So start practicing the daily habit of internal positive dialog. Remind yourself that you are an amazing boss, parent, and colleague with unique abilities and talents. Intentionally see yourself as a more confident, optimistic person. With repetition, your subconscious process of defining yourself will take over and you will automatically identify with the positive. To master your mindset you have to practice – but the life-changing payoff is profound and permanent!

I used to have a thoroughly negative outlook – so I know that if I can turn my mindset around then anyone can. Attitude is a choice. Just as you fuel your body each day with healthy food, make it a new daily habit to energize the subconscious mind. You’ll soon look back and realize that it totally changed your life!

Negative messages poison our mindset. When you feel less confident and happy, what words play on the soundtrack of your mind? How can you reframe and rephrase those thoughts to create hopeful positivity? Share your ideas and techniques with me, please – because all of us will benefit!

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