Summer Olympic Secrets to Career Success

Summer Olympic Secrets to Career Success

London 2012

The world is watching this week as the summer Olympics opens in London. To commemorate the occasion I wanted to share some career acceleration tips based on the winning attitude of the Olympic athlete.

Are You in Training or Denial?

You’re invited to show your value. Congratulations! Oops. By then it’s too late to go back and train. Yikes!

I see it all the time. A sudden, unexpected change occurs. A highly-placed executive dies or retires. A new market opens up and demands immediate leadership. A merger occurs and you get thrust upward, out of your comfort zone. Win and you’ll win big. Fail and you may be cut from the team. If you don’t thrive you may not survive.

Unless you can list the specific ways you’re training right now you may be in denial about what it takes to reach Olympic status in today’s business world. Opportunity may only knock once. Be intentional! Develop yourself as a winner!

Leadership is a State of Readiness

Everyone wonders “Will I be ready?” But that question reveals doubt, insecurity, and unpreparedness. If you expect the gold medal you have to stop wondering and start knowing!

Listen to the power as you say these words: “Yes, I’m READY!” What you feel when you make that statement is personal and professional conviction. How do you get that? Cultivate your state of readiness!

Tap into that deeper source of core confidence and persuasive presence. Don’t miss the boat. Otherwise one of your colleagues will sail away with what could and should have been yours!

Train hard. Compete easy.

Trust me, one day your ship will come in and I want you at the helm. But for today’s world-class competitors training started yesterday – it doesn’t wait until tomorrow.

Do you have the practical skills, internalized experience, and commanding presence to hold your own in the board room? Are you equipped with healthy, proactive techniques for dealing with increased stress and responsibility without losing your work/life balance? Can you focus and stay positive despite setbacks, difficult employees, or the threat of downsizing? Will you be psyched-up or just psyched-out?

Don’t jeopardize your prosperity by delaying your development. Promotions should NOT come as a surprise or be few and far between! Win the victory before you enter the game, because you came prepared. Then you’ll experience entirely predictable career acceleration!

Coach Your Mindset

A marathon runner explained to me that on race day she’s already trained for every step of the contest. She’s on her own, but doesn’t feel alone. She hears her coach’s voice and instructions urging her forward. She visualizes her trainer running alongside her.

He pushes her past her perceived limits. He won’t let her quit. The lessons kick in to give her more stamina. He cheers her down the home stretch. She accelerates across the finish line. What voice will you hear on that last lap as you compete for your promotion?

If you have ever experienced inspirational coaching and training in any sport, you remember that feeling and support. Don’t you want that same passion and intensity behind your career? Invest in yourself! Don’t you deserve a winning edge? Desire a high six-figure income? Want to be on the Wheaties box? Then get serious and go for the gold!

Multidimensional leadership development is the breakfast of champions in the corporate arena. I know you have the appetite. Now you just need the fuel!

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