Retrain Your Brain for Greater Success

Retrain Your Brain for Greater Success

Retain Your Brain

The first time you got behind the wheel of a car your brain wasn’t yet trained to operate an automobile. You probably found it difficult to press the accelerator while steering and reading all the road signs that whizzed past. You needed to retrain your mind to clearly visualize the ultimate destination and stay on track and fully present – while consistently ramping up your performance.

Predictable career acceleration is based on the same concept and that’s also how Predictable Results Mindset coaching works. You tap into the power of the subconscious mind, which works faster than the speed of light. Your resourceful subconsciousness solves challenges and removes obstacles to propel your career higher.

Remember when driving while simultaneously checking the rearview mirror and keeping an eye on the road ahead used to be complicated, confusing, and scary? Now you sometimes cruise home through 70 mph traffic and don’t even think about it until you pull into the driveway and realize you were daydreaming the whole time. That’s the power of the subconscious mind.

By intentionally retraining your conscious thoughts you teach the brain to shift the workload to the imminently more capable and powerful subconsciousness. Your intuition becomes clear and accurate. Your development accelerates, and your confidence soars. Your focus sharpens and you suddenly catapult to a higher level.

As a young person you wanted the freedom of a driver’s license so you faced your fears and forced your brain to master a daunting new process. If you are ready to fast-forward your career, shift your mindset into high gear! Push past the ordinary limits of your comfort zone and conscious mind and force the unlimited subconsciousness into action!

Take Away Exercise:

  • Imagine that you have been promoted to your dream job and are now living that life. Jot down impressions about how being in that wonderful position changes you in positive ways.
  • How do you exude confidence, inspire team members, perceive the respect of colleagues and superiors, and make a more memorable impression on your clients? Visualize the prestige, financial rewards, and personal satisfaction you feel.
  • Use that visualization like a movie trailer to see a preview of what’s in store for you. The more passionately you identify with that version of you, the sooner your subconscious mind will perceive it as reality. That will, in turn, trigger subconscious formative changes to make it happen.

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