10 Ways to Achieve a Fast, Predictable Promotion™

10 Ways to Achieve a Fast, Predictable Promotion™



The Predictable Promotion System was designed, tested, and proven in the trenches of the business world to move you progressively onward and upward in record time. The process is a turnkey method and each step builds upon the next with increasing momentum and velocity.

Here’s a brief system overview:

Step 1: Think Bigger About the Big Picture

Broaden your vision of success. Tie lifetime achievement goals to everyday actions to fuel faster progress with laser focus. Get unstuck and leap far beyond your familiar comfort zone. Define your legacy and accomplish something extraordinary.

Step 2: Master the Winning Attitude

Without a dynamic mindset shift the self-sabotage ingrained and conditioned from an early age continues to limit upward mobility and dilute leadership power. Remove invisible emotional and psychological obstacles and unleash your full untapped potential.

Step 3: Create an Authentic and Unique Leadership Brand

Brands perceived as contrived and superficial do more harm than good. Uncover your true passion and conviction to create your own distinct leadership brand that resonates with others on an authentic and genuinely inspiring level.

Step 4: Look the Part

Don’t risk making an unconscious wardrobe faux pas that stifles your career. The higher your rise, the more important it is to look the part and be the role model for others as you represent your organization and brand.

Step 5: Exude Executive Presence

Professional presence at the executive level demands more than an MBA degree and corporate experience. Learn to convey consistently graceful poise under pressure. Exude magnetic confidence. Inspire others to perform at the top of their game.

Step 6: Communicate to Influence

Become a master of verbal and nonverbal communication skills in a multicultural environment. Interpret unspoken messages by deciphering body language, and use persuasive communication to influence employees, team members, bosses, and clients.

Step 7: Manage and Sell Up

Discover innovative methods and strategies for promoting yourself and ensuring that your ideas are heard and your opinions are valued. Sell yourself to key decision makers for faster career advancement.

Step 8: Build Synergistic Teams

Design teams that play to people’s strengths so that teamwork performance and productivity is exponentially greater than the sum of their individual contributions.

Step 9: Find Diamonds in the Rough

Unless you become an expert talent scout you’ll never be promoted to a top position. Know how to identify unpolished high potentials and quickly develop them into valuable leaders to feed the organizational pipeline.

Step 10: Commit to Playing Your Biggest Game

Techniques and strategies will only get you so far, because you need the heart of a competitor and the spirit of a winner. Delve deep into yourself to discover empowering sources of sustainable motivation, discipline, energy, and vision.

Get clear and stay focused, because all 10 steps are massively important! Follow them one at a time, because that ensures maximum value-add with the shortest possible learning and development curve. You’ll feel yourself being reinvented for greater success and you’ll start to win those elusive prized promotions you deserve!


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