Are Your Body Language Blunders Sabotaging Your Career Success?

Are Your Body Language Blunders Sabotaging Your Career Success?

Body Language

This week I enjoyed my media interview with Jenna Goudreau, an editor at Forbes about the types of body language mistakes professionals make that could be costing them a promotion. I along with a few other communication and management experts agreed that the silent signals you are sending could be self-sabotaging your ability to move upward.

Here’s a few great tips to remember:

  • Non-verbal Communication is Stronger than Verbal Communication:

    “Communication, including body language, becomes significantly more important when considering who’s promotion material. As soon as you step into a supervisor role, it all comes down to communication skills.” Todd Dewett
  • Poor posture can be detrimental:

    “When you slouch you do not have a dynamic presence. In the business world it sends a strong signal that you lack confidence and have poor self-esteem, which can undermined your actual abilities.” Sarah Hathorn

If you would like to read more of this article, Will Your Body Language Mistakes Cost You a Promotion? on Click here

Have you seen any of your co-workers making these mistakes? I’d love to hear your comments.

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