Predictable Promotion™ Lessons from Super Bowl XLVI

Predictable Promotion™ Lessons from Super Bowl XLVI


No matter who you pulled for this season, you have to agree that the Super Bowl winning Giants reminded us that we have the ability to control our own destinies. With the right attitude, a little luck, and powerful perseverance propelled by great leadership anyone can be a champion. They scratched and clawed their way through the playoffs – managing a win against the Packers, who were having one of the greatest seasons in the history of football. Finally they outscored the Patriots in a tug-of-war world championship. But as odd it may seem, when compared to previous Super Bowl winners this year’s Giants entered the game with the worst win-loss record of all.

My take-away from this unexpected turn of events is that it just confirms what I have been telling my clients for the past four years. Just because the economy is troubled, businesses are downsizing like crazy, jobs are as scarce as hen’s teeth, and the competition is brutal that does not mean that you cannot succeed. But you have to commit to play your biggest game and keep your head in the zone with a winning attitude.

Early in my own career I was told that I was not cut out for the job I dreamed of landing. I ignored the naysayers, trained harder, put in longer hours, got coached, and learned how to assemble high performance teams. Soon I had attained a senior level position – having surprisingly turned what appeared to be a losing situation into personal and professional victory.

But it wasn’t a miracle or magic. Instead it was a predictable outcome based on sound principles of career acceleration success. You can apply those, too, and I’ll teach you exactly how. If you don’t believe it can happen, go back and watch the Giants. Several weeks ago they had everyone believing that they were destined to be forgettable and irrelevant. But they ran away with the grand prize and are firmly established as legendary CEOs of their own career destiny.


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