3 Ways to Align the Universe Behind Your Career Success

3 Ways to Align the Universe Behind Your Career Success

3 Ways to Align the Universe Behind Your Career Success

You can call it intuition, quantum physics, faith, or just a honed and polished ability to listen to your gut as you navigate the fiercely competitive world of business. But whatever name you give it or however you prefer to explain, the fact is that sometimes there are definite signs that we are either veering off track or heading in the right direction.

The problem is that most people miss those memos from the universe. Great guidance is constantly communicated to us between the lines, but we don’t always see it. We fail to spot the subtle signs and signals. But that means that when our proverbial ship comes in we might inadvertently miss the boat. The universe may leave us a bright yellow post-it note, and if it gets buried underneath a pile of beige files we’ll never notice.

The secret to picking up on these subtleties –which are just outward manifestations and confirmations of our inner wisdom and internalized experience – is to practice reading them. We need to stay attuned to our heartfelt instincts and gut reactions during the course of our daily routines. That’s easier said than done, especially in an age of technological distractions that encourages us to superficially skim over the landscape while multitasking, versus developing a deeper vision of who we are and what we ultimately want to do with our lives.

The process has to begin with you, and here are three helpful tips:

#1 Take an annual inventory of your priorities, passions, and dreams

Update them. Write them down. Picture them in vivid color with minute details to make them come alive. Whenever you are faced with an important decision, an intersection in your life, or a career crossroads, check your response against your internal vision of what you really want.

#2 Nurture this as an internal checks and balances system

Ask yourself if it meets your moral and ethical criteria, and does it align with your personal as well as your professional idea of career success and lifelong legacy. Soon you will start to recognize when the external world resonates like a tuning fork with the internal parts of yourself that matter the most.

#3 Practice seeing the world outside in relationship to this inner vision

Maybe it will come to you during a conversation with a stranger or when you contemplate a passage from a book. You might notice that resonant feeling when you accept an assignment, meet a new client, or walk away from an opportunity that just doesn’t quite feel right. That’s the universe speaking to you.

The more you listen for this kind of confirmation or look for these signs, the quicker you will become fluent in your own intuitive messaging process. Intentionally develop this receptivity and you’ll always find the guidance you need, right when you need it, to ensure your career success and personal fulfillment.

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