Why Serena Williams Has a Private Coach

Why Serena Williams Has a Private Coach

Why Serena Williams Has A Private Coach

When you watch iconic athletes like Serena Williams compete, you know that in order to get to that level they had to take advantage of great coaching. But do you think that when Serena turned pro she stopped needing a coach? Of course not! At that level she invested in the best private coaching she could find because learning and development never ends, especially if you want to be a top contender and world-class leader.

In my own consulting business, for example, I know that in order to give guidance and expert coaching to my executive clients I have to constantly stay ahead of the curve myself. Sure, I have a strong background from my tenure as a Fortune 100 senior executive and that certainly adds to my repertoire of capabilities. But we all have to be paying our way forward, not resting on our laurels or pinning our future success on the fact that we had past successes. I have to constantly seek out my own very high level coaches, for example, to get what I need in order to give my clients what they need, expect, and deserve from me.

We can all learn career shortcuts and systems from people who have been in the trenches. That’s why I created the Predictable Promotion system, to overcome my own career obstacles. Now that system enables me to help other leaders around the globe reap the same benefits and rewards. You only have a short window of opportunity to experience greatness. Don’t play small. Go for the big leagues. Surround yourself with top talent when it comes to coaches and mentors.

Your Predictable Promotion Assignment:

Ask yourself where you reasonably expect to be by 2013. Next, picture where you could be if you leverage the added advantage of expert professional coaching during that time. Could you make more than enough money to reimburse yourself for the cost of coaching, and could you hit that higher salary goal much faster to compound your earnings?

Question: Think of your favorite actor or athlete. Would you even know their name if they had attempted to make it without a coach?

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