Sarah’s iPad Acronym

Sarah’s iPad Acronym



How did a leader within the geeky technical industry become such an influential global icon? I think there are four primary characteristics essential to Steve Jobs’ enduring legacy. (After writing them I realized that their first letters inadvertently spelled iPad!)

    • Innovation

      As Jobs said, innovation is what separates leaders from followers. Offer something that others don’t. Use unique strategies to promote your brand. Always be receptive to new ideas.


    • Passion

      Jobs also believed in doing what you love, and pointed out that the only way to do great work is to be passionate about your career. “If you haven’t found it, keep looking,” he said. “Don’t settle.” I often remind my clients that quality of life issues are often just as valuable as salary bumps. That’s because if you love what you do success will come much easier.


    • Authenticity

      Authenticity expressed itself through how Steve Jobs walked, talked, and navigated business obstacles or personal challenges. Uncover your true self and unique positive attributes and reflect those through your overall brand and image. You’ll be rewarded with self-fulfillment plus enhanced credibility.


  • Determination

    Steve Jobs was fired from his own company but returned and rescued it from the brink of ruination. It takes determination to push onward despite setbacks, but that is what separates winners from losers.

Your Predictable Promotion Assignment:

  • Write down many of the essential qualities of the people you most admire.
  • Select the top four traits from that list and think about how they represent your own values, goals, and promotion aspirations.
  • Apply those four as your own “pillars of success” formula.

Question: How does your leadership inspire those around you to emulate your formula for success?

Tell me what you think! Please post your valued and valuable comments below…

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