The Intimacy Store: Foundations for a Slimmer You

The Intimacy Store: Foundations for a Slimmer You

As a professional image consultant I always love to share recommends whenever I find a great resource. Although I have heard great reviews from other women who have purchased their foundations from the Intimacy Store, I had not had any personal experience until this month when I decided to schedule a “bra fit” appointment. I visited the store in Phipps Plaza to see how it might be different in terms of their selection and customer service from the department store bra fitting events.

Outlined below is my critique of the service and selection based on my own visit to the store and my years of experience working in the department store business when I was with Macy’s.

Appointment Scheduling

They have an online appointment system where you can select your day, time, and input your information for any day/time that is available. Okay, that was super easy!

Professional Greeting

I arrived at my scheduled time and filled out a brief card outlining my challenges and exactly what I wished to accomplish. My main challenge was that I wanted my clothes to fit even better and I was willing to experiment with different types of bras and pay a premium not to have to replace my wardrobe.  The person I worked with in the fitting room was extremely professional and made me feel comfortable. (As you can imagine a bra fitting is a very intimate encounter so you want someone who really makes you feel at ease.) My bra fit specialist here in Atlanta was Sheena Xayaseng. Within the first few minutes she assured me that she could solve my problem quickly while saving me money in the long run.

Knowledge and Expertise

Unlike the bra fit specialists in department stores – who use measuring tapes to determine your bra size – Sheena used several bras as her tools to best determine my size. I’m the image consultant, but she is the expert when it comes to making your bust line tie in with your body proportions and overall shape. It was amazing how quickly she looked at me in my current bra and then presented me with two new bras that fit me perfectly! Usually when I go bra shopping I feel like I am in the fitting room for hours looking for the wonder bra that will do everything I want it to do, only to leave the store frustrated because I couldn’t find it. As I was trying on various styles Sheena explained to me that I was wearing the wrong size bra, and she also provided educational rationale to explain exactly how and why a bra should fit in the back, on the sides and in front. 

Bra Construction and Price

Like everything in life you get what you pay for. The bras at Intimacy are not cheap. The average price point is around $80. But the construction of the bra is worth $80. They are like a beautiful, expensive suit that is made of fine fabric, has finishing on the seams and elegant details that allow it to drape over your silhouette. In fact the bras at Intimacy are made of more seams than I have ever seen before on a bra – and those allow allow the bra to provide you greater support than those without all the detailed construction. 

My Problem Resolved

Wow! I couldn’t believe how comfortable I felt and how great I looked. It was like a magical transformation. When I tried on the various styles of bras and then tried on my clothing over them I was amazed. Although I had to invest in my high-quality foundations, it saved me from having to buy a whole new wardrobe due to a gaining a few extra pounds – and that saved me lots of time, trouble, and money. 

Plus I felt wonderful just seeing myself in the mirror. Sheena also explained to me how to care and launder my bras to extend the life of my foundations. I was so happy with the excellent level of customer service and professional education that I walked out of the store with three new bras. They instantly made me feel and look more slender and shapely. Yes, I am a perfect example of someone paying a premium price for the services of a professional who can solve my dilemma. But paying for the best ultimately saved me time and money and I now I feel great. How do you put a price on that?

Five Star Customer Service

I give both the Intimacy Store and Sheena Xayaseng five star ratings for outstanding, exemplary customer service and insightful, helpful knowledge. As every great salesperson should do, Sheena quickly accessed my particular needs and was efficient and professional as she answered all my questions. I definitely recommend a visit to the Intimacy Store if you are looking to increase your bust line to better complement your body shape – or if you would like to decrease your bust line due to the fact that you have gained a few pounds and want to look thinner and find your waistline again.

If you have ever been to the Intimacy Store, I’d love for you to share your personal impressions of it here on this blog. As always, I welcome your feedback.

Contact Information in Atlanta:
Intimacy Store, Phipps Plaza
3500 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone:  404-261-9333
The Bra Fit Stylist: Sheena Xayaseng

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