Law of Attraction: Create a Brand Image that Communicates Success

Law of Attraction: Create a Brand Image that Communicates Success

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Are you feeling discouraged by your inability to stand out and command more lucrative fees or higher salaries during this economic downturn? Whether you are a corporate leader or a high-achieving entrepreneur – everyone is looking for effective methods and fresh strategies to attract a more elite clientele, get the attention of HR departments and senior executive decision makers, and land those profitable business deals. Whether you work in corporate and are converting a prospect to become one of the firm’s biggest accounts or you happen to be an independent entrepreneur who wants to land the biggest fish in the sea, you need to figure out ways to attract more customers and a more elite clientele. That’s the only way to create sustainable success – especially during these challenging times.

But implementing those ideas can be easier said than done, so I am going to share with you a terrific trio of super-easy methods to make it happen. If you will implement these consistently it will be possible to more easily attract this elite clientele – and in the process bring you greater wealth. It all starts with the law of attraction and a skillful and intentional use of the ABC’s (Appearance, Behavior and Communication skills) of professional presence.

The law of attraction says that you attract into your life what you think about, dwell upon, get into action behind, or show to the world as you attempt to externally manifest your professional goals and passionate dreams to make them a reality. As the quote cited above says, “we attract what we are.” That’s why those who ARE very successful clients want to work with or attract professionals who look, behave and communicate on the same level or higher than they do. They want to team up with those who enhance them, empower them, and make them feel better about themselves – which is why you have to present yourself as the type of professional who can bring all of that to the table as your unique value-adding talents and benefits.

Think about it. Doesn’t everyone want to work the best? Aren’t we all looking for people to solve our problems more efficiently and creatively? We are all willing to pay top dollar if we know, like, and trust the person we are hiring, aren’t we? That’s because they can help us make even more money or open even more doors to success. Because they generate a higher return on our investment in them we have no problem paying them more. We all love to be around highly successful people who can help us launch our careers, stretch us up a notch, and give us that sensational experience of powerful synergy with a team player, partner, client, vendor, or employee who is really gifted, talented, and helpful.

Influential Dress Communicates Your Expert Status

If you want to attract a more elite clientele, it’s important that your overall image be top-notch. Why? Most highly successful, elite clients dress in a very powerful and commanding fashion. They have already learned the importance of silent messages conveyed by their dress and grooming habits and they strategically leverage them to project their image and brand. They want to surround themselves with the best team, and if you don’t suit-up to look the part you’ll be left sitting on the sidelines. My advice is that you should always dress one level higher than the clients you want to serve. (There are several levels of professional business dress and if you want more information about what those are and how they work, just let me know.)

So if they wear a suit, for example, you need to wear a fabulous looking suit that is tailored to fit you perfectly and then pair it with the right dress shoes and elegant accessories. But what if you are trying to attract someone who works in an ultra-casual environment like IT, agriculture, or the oil industry, for instance – a client who usually wears a less formal outfit like shirts with pants or skirts? In that case you need to wear a powerful jacket and dress slacks or a skirt.

Of course I am always asked why it is necessary to observe these wardrobe rules, and the answer is plain and simple. You don’t want to make your client feel ill at ease in your presence. Consider it wardrobe etiquette, in other words. Not respecting the client in this way means you risk offending them – just as you might with any other serious business etiquette faux pas. With that in mind, arrive with the kind of attitude, intention, and image that communicates your expert status. Look the part, with your daily image details expertly managed and you will demonstrate that you respect your clients for taking time to meet with you and that you know how to manage all the other aspects and details of your job in a polished and professional way. Believe me, many of your competitors fail miserably at these important aspects of professional presence, so paying attention to these things can instantly elevate you above the herd and distinguish you as a real pro.

There are, however, many corporate leaders or entrepreneurs who will argue that you should dress down, not up, to ensure that your clients are not intimidated by you. But that’s not true and I know it from experience because I hear HR executives, corporate CEOs, and my platinum clients complain about this issue all the time. They call me to find out how to teach the members of their teams to dress properly and make a polished professional impression.

Following business etiquette doesn’t intimidate others if you do it correctly – it opens doors of opportunity and sends silent messages that you are the cream of the crop. But neglect your image ABC’s and you can silently sink your career. Your clients will be too polite to tell you that you don’t know how to present yourself but they will just find someone else to work with instead.

Remember the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? When you show up to meet with a client or potential client they begin judging you from the moment you step through the door. They want the best person or the company with the strongest brand to give them the services and products that they need, and they will pay a premium dollar to work with highly successful people who carry themselves with a powerful presence. Don’t forget, you are asking them for their business. You would not show up for a job interview looking inappropriate and expect to land the job, would you? Follow these guidelines and I promise you that you’ll begin to see the laws of attraction working in dynamic ways to bring you success and prosperity.

Confidence Magnetically Attracts Top-Tier Clients

People love working with those who are confident in their skills, abilities, and resources for solving problems with a results-oriented attitude. By the same token, nobody wants to work with a person or organization that lacks a self-assured and competent presence. Don’t misunderstand – I am not talking about being overly confident in a way that borders on arrogance or belittles people. Nobody likes a snob. What I’m talking about is an authentic confidence that is conveyed naturally in your posture, your warm body language, the way you respect others, and your positive outlook. The kind of confidence I’m referring to comes across in how you talk about ways to solve their problems to make their lives easier and less stressful, and how you can help them to leverage what they do best to enhance their own professional success.

I speak with professionals all over the USA who claim they are confident, but when I get into a deeper conversation with them or see how they dress or express their body language I discover a different story. That’s because real confidence comes from within.

When you are confident in your presence, you easily attract top tier clients to want to be around you. Don’t we all love to be in the presence of a person who is authentically confident? But if you are sending mixed signals through your personal presence you have to work that much harder to attract these same clients. We like to work with people who are like us. When you exude confidence through your presence ABC’s you magnetically attract a similar type of person who is also highly successful and confident and can help you leverage your career.

Positive Vibes to Enhance Communication

Another facet of your image that will help to attract elite client is verbal communication. To resonate with this elite group, your communication has to have a positive vibration, the proper vernacular, and a style that matches theirs. When professionals are looking for the right company or individual to service their needs they will listen for the subtleties of language that build rapport. A positive voice is one that attracts people to you because we generally like to work with confident, upbeat people who maintain an optimistic outlook regardless of the challenges they face while serving their clients. They want to be reassured that you will persevere to solve their problems – rather than whining and becoming negative whenever you are presented with an obstacle.

The proper vernacular or “lingo” is also important. Successful people in different industries want to know that you understand their particular business and what they do – and that you can relate and communicate with them and their teams while using a vocabulary common to their profession or industry. This can be a bit tricky but it is extremely important because each industry or profession tends to have its own internal language. Brushing up on that vernacular in order to get on the same wavelength with your client will distinguish you as in-the-know, adaptable, and a good listener.

Another important factor to consider is their communication style. This will take some listening practice, but if you train yourself to listen carefully during the initial conversations and interactions with them you will pick up on cues and clues that reveal how they prefer to communicate.

Some professionals like to be presented with the bottom line results, for example, so with those clients you can provide a snapshot, quick summary, or a final cost. Others prefer to communicate about their personal lives and have you really get to know them as a person before getting down to brass tacks. With those folks you may need to talk about your common interests and establish a friendly connection before you launch into a business conversation. Still others need the facts, figures, metrics, and projections presented to them ahead of time so they can ponder your proposal and internally process all the information before sitting down to have a substantive conversation or make any big decisions.

Higher level clients also want to do business with people who pay in full and on time, trust them to solve their company challenges, and help them catapult their careers upward. When you upgrade your presence to a level that resonates with this rarified demographic you will be amazed at how you magnetically attract those top-tier clients to want to work with you. Like magic they pre-qualify themselves out of their own desire to win you over. Because you create a successful presence that conveys that you are the best, in other words, the best clients gravitate toward you. Just practice these simple techniques and you will begin to more easily attract a higher-level clientele for professional sustainability and business growth.

As a pioneering and visionary innovator, Sarah is a certified professional image consultant and brand strategist, speaker, trainer and author. Her company, Illustra Consulting, provides leading-edge image and brand management strategies for top leaders and high achievers who wish to take their career to the next level. She also delivers innovative and inspiring corporate workshops to assist large organizations in strengthening their corporate brand.

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