Don’t Climb Your Way to the Top: Find a Mentor to Pull You

Don’t Climb Your Way to the Top: Find a Mentor to Pull You

Do you have a strategy to catapult your career to the top? When I was looking to be promoted to a senior 
level executive at Macy’s, I always had my career roadmap strategy in place. I absolutely could not have done it without my mentors and strong professional network.
Every one needs someone to guide them along the path to success. You simply can’t make it to the C-suite today without the support of a mentor, the unwritten rules of the organization and someone to believe in you even during those moments you don’t believe in yourself. Every leader needs someone with great connections and influence to help you build confidence to ascend the corporate ladder. In my executive presence coaching, I always talk with my clients about the importance of a strong professional network and strong mentors to help them chart their path with intention.
Here’s a great blog post entitled, Ask-A-Career-Coach How to Get Pulled to the Top that talks about how to get pulled to the top in greater detail. It’s a great must-read.

Has someone served as a mentor on your corporate journey? How has that benefitted you? Post a comment and share your experiences.

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