Discover the Secret to Always Smooth and Shiny Hair

Discover the Secret to Always Smooth and Shiny Hair

Vincent Paribello Here in Atlanta last month it was hot and humid and it seemed like I would spend all my time in the morning blow drying and styling my hair just to step outside and have it go completely frizzy. It didn’t matter how many different hair products or styling methods I tried. The frizz factor still managed to ruin my professional look every single day. My hair has a soft, wavy texture and I like for it to have volume and movement. But I also don’t like to spend a great deal of time and money using tons of products and blow drying and straightening my hair until I finally get it to look great – especially if the whole effort is going to be totally undone as soon as I step outdoors! But for heaven’s sake, I am a professional image consultant, so I need to walk the talk and look my absolute best. Needless to say I became frustrated with the frizzies. 

My Team’s Promise

My hair stylist (Vincent Paribello) and my colorist (Ken Garrison) at Blonde Salon in Buckhead kept hearing me complain about how my hair was reacting to the heat and humidity, so they told me about a new process called Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment. I knew that they had used this hair treatment on several of my platinum clients but I had never considered it for my hair of type. But they promised me that they would have my hair looking smooth, silky, and 95% frizz-free for the next six weeks if I would just agree to give them approximately one hour of my time. That sounded like a pretty good trade-off considering the number of hours I was already wasting each day trying unsuccessfully to remedy the problem on my own. An hour later the smoothing treatment was done and it was time to put it to the test in the real world humidity of “Hotlanta.”

A Miracle Treatment for Smooth Hair

After a few days I couldn’t believe the results. My hair looked younger and had a new smooth and shiny texture to it that it has never had before. I could wear my hair straight or curly and regardless of how much time I spent outside in the humidity there was no frizz at all. No more straightening and root lifting products for my fine, lifeless hair. It had a swing and vitality to it that no product could give me. As an added bonus it actually took less time to dry and style so I was out the door in 30 minutes flat. I also saved money by not having to purchase all those products that promise to keep it frizz-free throughout the day.  

While I opted for the 6-week Keratin Express treatment as my first experiment with the new process there is another Keratin treatment that will last from three to five months.  These treatments are perfect for all hair types including color treated or chemically processed hair. I highly recommend this new product to help women style their hair and get ready for work in no time at all. I’ve also seen the results on some of my older platinum clients who rave that once they began to get these types of treatments their hair took on a much younger, shinier appearance that gave them a real boost in confidence and overall appearance. Here’s the link to the Keratin Express website where you can learn more:

If you live in Atlanta, visit my hair stylist and colorist at Blonde Salon on Shadowlawn. Be sure to let them know you heard about them from me, because Vincent and Ken are on my professional image team and they treat my special clients to a free consult and will really give you an honest and expert opinion about your current hairstyle.  My platinum clients love Vincent and Ken and I even trust them with clients who fly into Atlanta for my Private VIP Intensive Day to work on their personal brand and image. They are the dynamic duo and I have seen them transform my clients time and time again to give them a more professional and confident image. 

Here’s their contact information:

Vincent Paribello (Hairstylist)
Ken Garrison (Colorist/ Treatments)

Blonde Salon
3165 East Shadowlawn Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30305

Remember to tell them that Sarah Hathorn sent you for a great, honest hair evaluation.

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