Company Branding: Your Leaders Make the Brand

Company Branding: Your Leaders Make the Brand


Today in a highly competitive market, companies are competing to obtain a greater percentage of marketing share. Brand differentiation is key to this process. While organizations are spending large sums of money on marketing their corporate brand image through their website, promotional materials, building architecture and office décor, their best marketing resource is their people. When organizations invest and train emerging leaders in visual appearance, as well as verbal and non-verbal image skills to represent the corporate brand image, employees gain greater self-confidence, become highly productive in sales and build long-term client rapport.

Your Leaders Make the Brand
In every level of the organization a leader’s image represents the corporate brand. Their presence is important because customers and potential clients associate this person’s appearance and business etiquette as a reflection of the company’s professionalism and reputation.

Educate Your Leaders
Upper level management in most companies today will agree that “business casual” has gone too far into the world of “business casualty.” Unfortunately companies today have a hard time trying to define what business casual dress should look like for their organization. Companies who invest in professional leadership consultants to help them with such image challenges will find that their leaders come away understanding how their professional image is key in representing their corporate and personal brand.

Professional Presence Seminars Enhance Organizational Effectiveness
Professional presence workshops can cover a variety of leadership training topics like business dress, the various levels of business casual, body language, communication and team-building skills, as well as business and international etiquette. These types of image developmental programs give business leaders “the finesse” to compete and flourish in today’s business world.

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