How important is your weight to your image?

How important is your weight to your image?

SandiSometimes, it seems like we are obsessed with our image. And why shouldn’t we be? It’s an important part of our lives, business and personal. It’s the first impression that we make on someone. It’s how we feel about ourselves. But sometimes, the image we want to project does not add up to the image we feel inside. We tend to get caught up in the pressures of society that display a certain type of woman – thin and perfect – and we start putting emphasis on our weight and our clothing size. 

So, how important is your weight to your image? 

Does it matter what clothing size you wear? 

When I work with a client, there are three areas that we work on: 

  1. Workouts – planning a good strength training and cardio program. 
  2. Nutrition – following guidelines and making small changes. 
  3. Emotional health – overcoming obstacles, past failures, setting goals

The first two areas are a given. You learn how to workout. You learn how to eat right. Pretty standard stuff. But when we get to the third area, this is normally a very hard stage for most women. It’s reality time. Finding out why we have failed in the past, learning to love and respect our bodies, and releasing our body to make change that we may be afraid to do. Not only is our image important as far as how we dress and how we present ourselves, but it is also important in how we talk to ourselves and how we train our bodies. It is so important to listen to your instinct, your “inside voice” to complete your image. True beauty does come from inside and when you are happy with your image, it radiates to your outside image as well. 

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This week’s guest blog post if is from my colleague Sandi Porter. I’ve known Sandi for years and she is a inspirational fitness guru.. She is so very  knowledgeable about eating right, working out and handling all the pressures women face today. As you can see from her photo,  she personally has taken the a transformational journey that has changed her life. Now her mission is to help other women to create great possibilities in their lives by starting with on the inside to create great possibilities in their lives. 

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