Image Routine Tips for the Professional Man

Image Routine Tips for the Professional Man

The other day I wrote about one of my female Platinum Clients and I discussed her routine image checklist. Since I also work with many male business leaders, I thought it was important to include a blog post for them – covering the type of routine image checklist they need for ensuring a polished presence. 

Men don’t also recognize the critical importance of grooming and routine maintenance, and they may feel that it detracts from their masculinity. But it does have a huge impact on how they are perceived in the professional workplace. True, men don’t have to worry about details like applying make-up and self-tanning creams – but they do have their own masculine to-do list. When they don’t follow the checklist it becomes obvious to everyone around them in the business world. 

Trust me on this one. In my corporate seminars women will openly discuss what grooming or self-care disciplines they wish their male colleagues would follow.  Grooming details send important messages about your confidence and professionalism.  So men should take a look at this list and then take a good look in the mirror. There may be a few routine tips on the list that you need to incorporate into your daily/weekly routine to look more powerful and to help you segue into a more successful career: 

Image routine checklist for men:

  • Hair Cuts:  Every 3-4 weeks to keep your business frame around your business communication center looking its best. 
  • New Hairstyles: Every year or so ask for a modern hairstyle based on your hair texture to ensure you look like you’re in the current century. Updated hairstyles convey that you are innovative and creative in business.
  • Hair Color Touch-Ups: As needed if you have highlights, a color rinse, or a hair dye. Nothing looks worst than a man with gray roots showing above his sideburns when his hair is colored another color!
  • Clip and Clean Nails: Every week or so be sure to clip and clean your fingernails to keep your business gesturing tools up to par. Also be sure to keep your toenails clipped short so when you are in weekend wear and sporting sandals you still look polished.  A well-dressed man with dirty, long nails and bad cuticles becomes the talk of the office. 
  • Trim Eyebrow, Nose, Facial and Ear Hair: Weekly as needed. Yes, fellows, this one is for you. Especially as you age you will begin to sprout long hairs from your nose, eyebrows, and ears. Be sure to look in the mirror and trim them up. Also, if you have any facial hair, trim it daily to look well groomed.  
  • Eyebrow Waxing or Plucking:  If you have a uni-brow and many men do, be sure to wax or tweeze your eyebrow hairs every week or as needed to create a well-defined eye area that screams well-groomed and handsome in the business arena. Eyebrow maintenance isn’t just for women!  
  • Dental Cleaning and Whitening: Schedule professional teeth cleaning twice a year to prevent halitosis, and whiten your teeth after each cleaning to look younger and have a more vibrant smile.
  • Daily Skin Moisturizing: Skin is skin, regardless of your gender. Men need to remember to moisturize their skin daily after a close shave, in order to keep their facial skin looking healthy and younger. 
  • Exercise Workouts:  Daily is preferred, but at least 3 times a week try to get some sort of aerobic exercise, play an active sport, or do weight training in order to get your body moving and help you deal with stress.
  • Dermatologist Appointments:  To prevent skin cancer visit your dermatologist annually to check for any suspicious looking moles or growths.
  • Massages: Every top businessman under a lot of pressure needs to incorporate monthly or quarterly massages into his self-care routine to help relieve stress, tightness, and soreness in the neck and shoulders. 

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