The Great Follow Up

The Great Follow Up

This week I wanted to spotlight one of my great colleagues
Chi Chi Okezie. I’ve known Chi Chi for years 
Networking Made Simple Cover v3-1
and respect her networking style.
We have done radio shows together and she is the master of networking. She has a
great new book out entitled “Networking Made Simple” which is wonderful! Here’s
a quick blog post from my colleague and friend, Chi Chi Okezie:

The Great Follow Up

Networking is an art that can transform any professional from “Ok” to
“Outstanding”. It involves a mastery of communication and protocol. But, there
is a method to networking that does not just involve participation in the
actual event. Professionals have to continue their networking endeavors after
the function is over. Follow Up is an essential strategy for success. It is a
link for developing relationships, which lead to future benefits.

Listed below are effective tips for following up with individuals in a
dynamic way.

1. A Good Connection.
At the networking event, make it a point to connect with your business
counterpart. Share ideas and experiences and find common ground. People are
more interested in who you are, rather than what you do.

2. Follow Up
After the event, be intentional with your follow up process. Seek out your
counterpart within three days. Whether you send an email, phone call or
correspondence, make the message purposeful.  Explain why you want to stay in contact and
how you add value to this promising relationship.

3. Face Time
In order to gain trust and understanding, your counterpart should feel that you
are credible. Meet up face to face within a few weeks. This can be an
opportunity learn more about your counterpart and their business. Use this time
to show that you are genuine and committed.

4. The Real Deal
Express to your counterpart an agenda for doing business and maintaining a
relationship. Be available to do business and expanding each others network.
Stay in contact and offer to reconnect at a later time. Focus on details and
make sure that your interests run parallel.

Follow Up is a key factor of networking success. It is a link for
building relationships and doing beneficial business. Following Up breeds trust
and understanding among the business counterparts.

You can get your copy of Networking Made Simple for just $7.97 plus S&H here.

Chi Okezie

owner/producer, SIMPLEnetworking, LLC

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