Question of the Month: What is the Professional Man’s Cuff-Line Rule?

Question of the Month: What is the Professional Man’s Cuff-Line Rule?

Cuff There can be a gulf of difference between just getting
dressed for work and dressing as a polished professional businessman. The
polished details of your look are often the aspect of your wardrobe and dress
that make the biggest difference to give you a powerful and attractive presence
in the business arena.

That’s why one of the most popular questions I hear from men
who attend my corporate seminars is “Should the cuff of the dress shirt show
below the jacket sleeve hem, and if so, how much?”

The answer is yes, the cuff should definitely show about a
quarter to a half inch below the end of your jacket sleeve line. But most men
wear their jacket sleeves too long, which does not allow for the finishing
detail of the exposed cuff to show. Although you cannot always take your lead
from the male TV news team broadcasters – who hardly ever follow this rule
correctly – there is one role model on TV. Matt Lauer always adheres to the
cuff rule impeccably, letting just the right amount of his shirt sleeve show
beyond the end of his suit jacket or sport coat.

TIP:  When you buy a jacket always ask that the
sleeve be hemmed right below your wrist bone. Plus, purchase your dress shirts
a half inch longer than your actual arm length in order to allow a little
wiggle room for shrinkage. After about half a dozen professional launderings
most dress shirts will shrink just a tad to give you a great cuff line. Order
your neck size the same way and your shirts will also give you more ease and
comfort over time.

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