Free Teleclass: Personal Branding for a New 4-Dimensional You

Free Teleclass: Personal Branding for a New 4-Dimensional You

Personal branding is the new
image makeover and adds the
extra dimension needed to excel in today's business environment. In 2010
professionals need to find innovative strategies to project an authentic
personal brand that enhances their executive presence. That is why I'm hosting a teleseminar to tell you about  four key secrets that every professional needs to know in
to stand out from their peers and competitors in a positive, dynamic way
ensures success even during tough economic times.

You'll learn to understand
and apply these
four powerful concepts:

1st Secret:
– Every professional today
needs a strong brand to survive and thrive within the new business
whether they work in large corporations or are as entrepreneurs.
– What is your personal brand and how can you
leverage it
to make yourself unique, memorable, and outstanding? 
3rd Secret:
– Discover new ways to
align your professional image, strengthen your brand message, and stay
on the
leading edge in the new business decade.
4th Secret:
– Convey "A Brand New
You" through the conscious and strategic use of both verbal and
non-verbal statements
that speak volumes to promote you 24/7.

Sign-up today for my
complimentary teleclass: Personal Branding for a New 4-Dimensional You.

8:00 pm
Eastern Tuesday, March 30th

Feel free to pass the link
along to anyone in your network
who needs this kind of professional boost. 
It's our gift to you – and you can make it your gift to others!

For more teleseminar details
and to register: CLICK HERE

Sarah Hathorn is a professional image
consultant, certified personal brand strategist, speaker, and author.

Her company, Illustra Image Consulting, works
with high-achieving future leaders and large businesses by enhancing their
corporate and personal brand image to take their businesses and careers to the
next level.

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