In the Digital Age Graceful Greetings Still Form Lasting Impressions

In the Digital Age Graceful Greetings Still Form Lasting Impressions

As busy professionals we all utilize voicemail messaging
systems on our office and mobile phones, and when I return calls to someone
I’ve never met it’s always interesting to find out what they’ve left as a first
impression greeting. Sometimes I cringe, though, and wonder if that person
really comprehends the strange way they come across in their recorded message.
Here are my 3 tips to ensure you communicate with a credible and desirable
first impression:

#1  When leaving your
voicemail it needs to be in a warm, friendly tone. Be sure to state your name
clearly and ask that the caller leave his or her name, message, and phone
number. Advise your callers that you will return their phone calls promptly.

#2  Don’t try to be
cute or too salesy in your message. Professionals need to communicate
effectively and trying to be funny or talk like a celebrity isn’t appropriate
for the workplace. Callers aren’t buying cuteness from your business – they are
trying to connect with you as a responsive person. Also I’ve seen too many
professionals try to leave longwinded, salesy messages. Most professionals who
call realize that you are not available and they simply want to leave a short
message to ensure that you will return their call. Time is of the essence so
don’t be too lengthy.

#3  If the message
doesn’t flow gracefully, redo it until it does. Many times I call and hear a
voice message where someone hesitated, stammered, or repeated themselves. Be
sure to listen to your voicemail message objectively to be sure you are hearing
what others who may not have met you will hear. Does it speak to the personal
brand that you want to convey to others?

A phone message, like an introduction or handshake, is
important because it quickly tells others a little bit about you. It conveys
how you personally view your professional image and personal brand and how you
express those key elements through interpersonal communication.

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  • Image Consultant Singapore
    Posted at 08:44h, 10 May

    I’ve seen many voicemail faux pas and it definitely doesn’t leave a good impression.