The Professional Woman’s Fall Wardrobe Checklist

The Professional Woman’s Fall Wardrobe Checklist

As the weather gets cooler it is the right time to review
your wardrobe checklist and find those essential pieces to layer up your look
in style that keeps you warm. This is my updated list for every businesswoman
looking to lightly layer while being more fashionable – whether at work or
during off-time.

A Great White Modern
– The key word here is “modern.” Look for a classic-white blouse
that has some latest fashion details on it like ruffles, pin-tucking, or a new
style sleeve. This one item can be layered with a business suit, skirts, pants,
or jeans and with a belt, scarf, or sweater.

An Updated Jacket
– This season don’t be without a few new jackets. Look for statement jackets,
boyfriend jackets, modern jackets, or suit jackets – but layer them with
everything in your closet. It’s a must-have in your wardrobe this season – so
don’t go without one.

A Silk Blouse –
This season a silk blouse or camisole is a key essential for adding some
shimmer and texture to your ensemble. Buy a few and wear them under suits for a
pop of color or with cardigans and pencil skirts for a modern look.

A Statement Coat
– This season if you live in a colder climate be sure to find a great winter
coat that you love and feel fabulous wearing. If you think about it you’ll
realize that you wear it every day – so invest in a classic-modern style that
has some fashion flair. Dark neutrals like black, navy, or charcoal will not
show signs of wear as quickly as lighter tones. If you can afford two coats
also shop for colors like winter white or red to have a dress coat you don’t
wear as often.

Dark Denim – Every
professional woman needs a pair of the new dark denim jeans. While premium
denim is a little pricey you can now find dark denim finishes in all stores.
This great number will slim you down instantly. If you have curvy hips balance
them out with a boot-cut style.

Cardigans – This
season cardigans have become colorful and modern. You will see great ones in
dark neutral tones, colorful bright colors, and modern prints. Shop for a few
neutrals to give you greater versatility but don’t forget the fun bright hues
and prints for a pop of color.

Modern Day Dress
– Dresses are back at last. When you are tired of hiding your legs and want to
feel more feminine, opt to wear a dress at work or play. Shop for wrap dresses
for work or a fun sweater dress for an updated casual look. Pair these with
opaque hosiery and a great pair of tall boots to give you a high-kick fashion

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