Top Six Image Spoilers for Professional Men

Top Six Image Spoilers for Professional Men

In the summer months when the heat thermometer is rising, we
sometimes get a little lazy with our appearance, rationalizing and making
excuses because it’s summertime. Yes, we do need to lighten up our clothing
colors and layers that we wear throughout the rest of the year, but that’s no
excuse to appear too casual. You still want others to view you as a
professional. Here are my top six image spoilers for men for the
summer of 2009:

Men Summer Spoilers

1). Any facial hair, especially beards, need to be cut short
and resemble a putting green. Look polished by keeping your facial hair trimmed

2). Fingernails need to be trimmed and cleaned daily as your
hands are key communication tools that you use to get your points across by

3). Keep your ear, nose and eyebrow hair clipped short,
especially as you age. Nothing is worse than seeing a well-dressed man who has
an inch-long hair hanging out of his nose or his ear, or from an eyebrow! This
are all clear image spoilers. Groom these hairs weekly to ensure you look your

4). Always wear socks with work attire—you are not at the

5). Preserve your dress shirts by wearing a T-shirt under
them. This absorbs the perspiration and can prevent those rings around the
shirt underarm areas.

6). Never wear big floral patterns or Hawaiian prints; you
are at work, not at a luau.

I hope everyone will consider this checklist when you head
out to work each morning this summer. Look in the mirror objectively and take
action to ensure that you project the polished professional that you are—from
top to toe! 

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