Top Seven Image Spoilers for Professional Women

Top Seven Image Spoilers for Professional Women

Although I know it is hot this time of year in Atlanta, we need to be careful that we are projecting an image of credibility and professionalism.  Here are my top seven image spoilers for women for the
summer of 2009:

Women Summer Spoilers

1). Does you hairstyle look like a “do” from the 1990’s? Why
not try a shorter, more stylish hairstyle that highlights you face shape,
complements the texture of your hair and allows you to enjoy that lighter
summer lifestyle? Notice that many celebrities are going to shorter hairstyles,
which they even perceive as sexy.

2). If you work in a job that allows you to wear peep-toe
pumps or dressy sandals, be sure to get your monthly pedicures on your calendar
so that you look well-groomed and polished every day. Don’t skimp on having
great looking toes. While you are at it, make sure your fingernails get the
care they need on a regular basis.

3). Never wear a short skirt in a professional work
environment that is more than two inches above your knee unless you want to
attract the wrong kind of attention. In business, we need to feel confident
when we sit in a power meeting, given that our skirts rise another two inches
when we sit down. Despite what you might think, our male colleagues would
rather that our attention is on the business conversation at hand, rather than
seeing us struggling with our skirt that has risen up a little too far.

4). Be aware that when it becomes warmer, necklines often
get much lower. Be careful here. Your blouse should come two inches above your
cleavage to be appropriate for business. 

5). During the summer months, one way to instantly look
older than your years is to wear heavy make-up. Be sure your make-up has a
lighter application during the summer so it looks more natural when you are out
in natural sunlight.

6). With less layers and lighter fabrics it is key that your
clothes aren’t too clingy or pulling across your body. This is an instant way
to look fifteen pounds heavier. When you look in the mirror, make sure your
clothes skim your silhouette, and are not tugging anywhere.

7). I am not a proponent of women in the work environment
wearing sleeveless blouses and dresses, showing their armpits to the world. If
you are wearing a sleeveless dress, I suggest wearing it with a colorful summer
cardigan or lightweight modern jacket. 

I do hope that you will take notice of the message you are sending and kick it up a notch even though it is summertime in the south. 

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