Is Your Professional Image Evolving With Your Career Aspirations

Is Your Professional Image Evolving With Your Career Aspirations

About a week ago  I received a phone call from an editor at the Gwinnett Business Journal asking to interview me on my perspective on professional image in today's tough business environment. The interview was focused on my opinion and observation about people's image needing to evolve to survive or get promoted in this current business world.  I really enjoyed our conversation and had a great time sharing my expertise about how one's image is critical to launch your career to new heights.  Here are a few of my comments to the free-lance writer from a few questions she asked. I'm not sure everything will be printed but I will definitely link my blog to the upcoming article to be released in August. 

Does your image need to evolve to get  an interview, survive the corporate downsizing and help you climb the corporate ladder? 

Yes, your image needs to evolve today more than ever before because it is critical that your professional image communicates your uniqueness and helps you differentiate yourself from your peers and the competition. The business rules and dynamics have changed today if you want greater career success. Companies feel as though the work environments have gotten way to casual and people are not positively representing their corporate or personal brand and they are becoming frustrating with the weekend casual clothes being worn in the workplace. 

How does one really communicate their professional presence and personal brand? 

When most people think a image, they mainly think about one's appearance. But image is multi-faceted and it is made up of your appearance, behavior and communication skills. You must have the total package be congruent with your authentic style and brand. Here is how you communicate your powerful presence and personal brand through your image. Today when you look professinonally polished you will definitely stand out from the crowd due the casualness of our time. Your behavior and manners come out through your professional grace, the way you treat your peers and clients. This is important that professionals understand how to navigate the business etiquette maze and now the social media craze. The people you connect with on the social media sites are an extension of your brand. What they say and write about you influences people about your personal brand. In the behavior part of your image people are reading your body language, which often says more than the words you use.  Your communication skills are the last part of your image. This is how you communicate with others to build long-term rapport. The voice, tone, pitch, pace and energy in your voice is key to resonate with others and build business relationships. 

We spoke about very many questions and I am not sure what will be finalized in the article but I wanted to share these two questions with you and  give you my perspective. I've seen the difference a powerful presence can make to enhance one's career. 

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