I wanted to share with you an article from my great friend and colleague Chi Chi Okezie on networking. I have listed Chi Chi's contact information at the bottom of this article. I love sharing on my blog tips and secrets from other experts. I know you enjoy this article. 

Networking is becoming increasingly popular among
professionals, companies and industries. 
It is redefining the scope of business and empowering individuals to unprecedented

How can you capitalize on your networking skills and be more
effective?  Here are four
techniques which you can apply instantly.

 1.  Be Strategic

Set short and long term networking goals.  Evaluate your methods and consistently
track your results.  Be accountable
for your success.

 2.  Embody Your

Focus and develop your strongest abilities and traits.  Be specifically known for one or two
things which make you unique and notable in your field.

 3.  Follow

Make sure to properly follow up with your networking
contacts.  Your message should be
personalized, professional and meaningful.

 4. Be a Fireball

Network with passion enthusiasm and fun.  Be open minded, flexible and prepared
for chance opportunities.

 Chi Chi Okezie is owner / producer of
SIMPLEnetworking, LLC.  She is
author of “SIMPLEnetworking”, travel guide on 50 tips for better
networking.  For more tips,
articles and resources on business networking, visit the official website:

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