Dressing Age-Appropriate

Dressing Age-Appropriate

The other week I attended a professional business-networking
event when I saw a woman who was dressed inappropriately for her age. I am
guessing she was around 50-55 years of age but dressing like a young 30 year- old. I was saddened to see this businesswoman not accepting and celebrating her
age by dressing in a stylish ensemble that would exude her personal brand and
confidence. Although she was trying to appear years younger she didn’t have that
firm figure-eight body and  flawless skin tone she had once cherished. It was evident in the messages she was sending that she was living in the past.   All of
us all must accept that we evolve over time. Our bodies change and we may
prefer a different personal style as our lifestyles ebb and flow as we age. Trust
that this transformation process  is an important part of your evolving into a mature, stylish woman.

When this woman pranced into the room, people began to stare
at her as though they were thinking the same thought that I had. Wearing a
jacket that was tight and tugging over her upper torso, a print blouse that was
revealing too much cleavage, and sporting a mini-skirt and stiletto heels it
was evident that she was not dressing professionally for her age. While she did
have shapely legs, you could tell that the years had taken their toll on her
leg skin tone because you could see all the flaws on her legs like varicose
veins, age spots and the sagging knee skin.

Now that you can visualize this image in your mind, you see
how women can get stuck in a time warp. These women remember a time when they
were young, happy and don’t want to move beyond that significant timeline. But we
all must change and mature. If only she has worn an elegant suit that fit and
flattered her figure with a great mid-knee pencil skirt, hosiery to firm her
figure and tone her legs, 3” pumps and some great statement jewelry she would
have looked modern and fabulous even at fifty. No matter what your age, you can
always find great items that resemble your style and highlight your features.

This week’s tip is to be aware that the more skin you show
the less credible and respected you will be in the workplace. Remember that
people are always making superficial judgments about you based on your visual
appearance.  Your presence speaks
louder than words. Let your appearance communicate that you are polished,
modern, credible and trustworthy by dressing appropriately for your age and
celebrate your ageless style. 

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