A Few Speaking Tips for the Business Professional

A Few Speaking Tips for the Business Professional

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the
Georgia Chapter of the National Speakers Association. We had an entertaining
and dynamic professional speaker by the name of David Newman from Do It
speaking to the group. His speech was entitled, “ Help Me Hire
You!  21 Strategies to Get Booked
and Stay Booked”. While this topic is for professional speakers looking to earn
speaking revenue I thought of how many of his ideas could work for professionals
who want to gain more visibility and business by speaking to various civic and
non-profit groups. Here are a few of David’s points that I have given my personal branding and image twist for all my clients looking to increase their visibility:   

1). Decide Who You
are and Who You Are Not

Most entrepreneurs and professionals working within large
companies try to be all things to all people. They go out and speak on every
topic that people want to hear versus trying to really talk about their one
area of expertise. Talk about that topic in several ways. Always go deep in
your conversations not broad in other topics. 

2). Find Your Niche

This is something I love to teach people is how to niche. I
spend a great deal of time teaching at the London Image Institute to new image
consultants entering the business and encourage them to discover what their
niche is to make more money with ease. I think a lot of business professionals
don’t really understand who their target market is and how to attract those
specific clients. I know a lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to niche because
they may be leaving business on the table. When you find your niche, you make
more money because your target segment knows you are the expert and not all
things to all people.

3). Your Voice is
Your Image

When we speak to various groups and organizations to train
or try to obtain exposure to book more business our voice is an important part
of our image. Is your voice powerful and interesting or is it soft and
soothing? You need to be careful that your voice conveys the type of personal
brand and professional image you want others to remember. Think about how you
want others to perceive you and then design your message to convey your brand

To purchase
David’s version of the presentation on Help Me Hire You, feel free to visit his
website at https://helpmehireyou.com/entry/123456789987654321.html.
I highly recommend it if you are looking to speak to grow your business in any

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