How to Transition your Wardrobe into Spring 2009

How to Transition your Wardrobe into Spring 2009

In many parts of the country like Atlanta we are experiencing some transition days of 50 degrees and sunshine. We don't want to dress like it is November but we do want to look as though we are ready for spring as the days become brighter and longer. During the next month feel free to start looking at different ways to wear your current  wardrobe. 

Here are a few of my tips to transition your current wardrobe and prepare yourself for that gorgeous spring weather.

  • Wear lighter wool jackets, pants and skirts which are softer than those heavy woolens. 
  • Add a dash of spring colors like lemon yellow,  sage green or salmon-rose or  in your blouses, jewelry, shoes and handbags to update those charcoal grays and black ensembles. 
  • One of my favorites is to trade in those wintry sweaters worn with dress trousers for a cotton/Lycra tailored shirt or a long sleeved medium knit top.
  • Continue to wear your lighter colors in fine wools and light knits like camel, tan or winter white, which prepares you to start lightening up your look. 
  • Begin to start storing those winter boots and begin to wear pumps, flats, wedges or kitten heel mules on those sunnier days. 
  • Trade in your heavy woolen coats, hats and scarves and start to wear a great trench coat. 
  • For fun, start wearing nude colored fishnets with your colorful peep-toe heels. Store those dark opaques until next fall.   
By starting to transition your wardrobe, you begin to feel more stylish and ready to greet Spring when it arrives!

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