Four TIps For Your Shoe Survival Kit

Four TIps For Your Shoe Survival Kit

Every women knows that when she wants to be a diva and wear her high-heel shoes that after a long day standing, nothing can be more tiring than your aching feet and back. I've found a few items that you should consider purchasing to try to make those stylish, killer shoes more tolerable throughout the day. All four of these products are from Foot Petals and can be purchased at stores or online at Here are a few great recommendations: 

1). Foot Petals – These wonderful petals can help make even the most uncomfortable shoes bearable for a workday or an evening out. They come in different shapes and sizes, but I love the tip toes. These are little round pads that will cushion the ball of your foot so you can walk more comfortably in your heels. 

Foot Petals

2). Strappy Strips  - These great strips are comfortable to wear with your favorite shoes and sling backs. They area great if you have slim heels like I do, because they will actually keep the slingback from falling down and it adheres to the back of your heel.
3). Killer Kushionz – These are full insoles that can be worn with open-toe shoes and they are invisible underneath your foot. They are great for both heels and flats. Makes those killer strappy sandals and heels much more comfortable to wear and feel like a diva. 
4). Perfect Polish – This is a great way to repair scuffs or scratches on your shoes. It is like a small touch-up without having to visit the shoe cobbler. With a touch-up of this pen, you put an instant high glass shine on those pumps to look like new again. 


I do hope that you will try some of these products. We all love stylish shoes but know that to be at our optimum level of performance, we need to feel comfortable and energetic. 

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