Fall/Winter 2008 Fashion Trends: Secrets to Shopping

Fall/Winter 2008 Fashion Trends: Secrets to Shopping

Fall/Winter ’08 has something for everyone. It’s important to
remember that wearing the latest trends in fashion doesn’t make you have style.
What truly defines a woman’s style is when she is confident with who she is
from the inside out, what styles complement her coloring and figure shape, and
which trends best express her authenticity. She understands how to edit all the
trends seen in the latest magazines, select a few trends that resonate with her
and update her classic wardrobe items. Understanding how to incorporate one or
two trends is key. You never want to wear multiple trends from top to toe. Keep
it simple and polished. Here is my interpretation of fall’s latest, greatest
trends for women of all ages. These four secret trends will help you take high
fashion to an everyday level and assist you in selecting a few trends to keep
you looking fashion forward and chic on a budget.

This season the designers are creating a more mysterious,
glamorous look. Styles are redesigned from the 40’s, 70’s, and 80’s to highlight
strong silhouettes with a sophisticated edge, femininity and rock ‘n roll chic.
This fall designers are creating structured tailoring silhouettes mixed with
luxurious fabrics and embellishments. The timeless classics continue to be
updated to look more sophisticated but still remain a great wardrobe basic.
It’s the return of power dressing in suits, menswear and dresses.

Before we explore the five fashion trend statements, it’s
important to review what’s new in the way of color, pattern, texture and
detailing for fall, as a lot of these elements will be in more than one fashion

Color Is Back

This season color reigns over the basic black from days gone
by. Berry tones and other vivid colors will be seen in ready-to-wear and
accessories to add a bold splash of color to enliven your look. For the
professional woman, this season you want to build your core wardrobe basics in
neutral tones like navy, brown, camel and stone. If you need a new coat this
season, you will see shades of sorbet, making a statement coat look more
modern. Shop for a coat in a soft gray to the lightest purple or pink – a nice
change from the old dark colors like black, brown and camel.

Pattern & Print

Fabrics are going in a new direction – towards luxe. Expect
to see luxury fabrics with details like gold metallic silk threads, as well as
metallic and crystal embellishments. 
Floral continue to flourish but transitions into a winter floral design
reminiscent of the 80’s chintz interior decorating fabrics. For casual dressing
this season, go back to the English countryside where tartans, checks and
precious plaids give us a casual-country style.

Texture & Details
Make A Difference

Nothing can add more style and magic to an outfit than
texture and great details. For a more casual lifestyle look for chunky and
cabled sweaters, boiled-knits and tweed suits. For more evening allure, shop
for textures like lace and velvets to take you back to the Victorian Era. Look
for details on clothing, like suede and leather inserts, studs, military
details like epaulets, animal prints, piping and banding, sequins and crystals
and appliqué embellishments.

Here are the five fashion trends for you to check out and
see what you want to incorporate in your wardrobe for this fall season:

1). Retro-Chic

Rewind to the past; the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s and 70’s. Designers
took vintage style classic looks this season and magically changed the shape,
details, and fabrics to create a ladylike retro chic style. In this theme you
will see shapely, feminine dresses like fitted sheathes and frilly outfits like
Sarah Jessica Parker wore on the TV show, Sex
and The City
. Romantic ruffled blouses, ensemble dressing, the oval-shaped
coat, long-leather gloves, over-sized hoop earrings, Art-Deco necklaces and
brooches best define hot items in this trend.


2). The Return of

This year we are continuing to define the classics. Menswear
returns in power dressing with a 40’s influence. Mix the polished and tailored
with old and casual elements to create your core wardrobe pieces. Within this
trend, look for skirted-suits, a modern classic white shirt, a tuxedo suit, a
pair of new wide pants, a classic clutch handbag and a great narrow belt to
accent a hint of a waistline.


3). Easy-Rider Style

Designers replaced last season’s innocent looks with a
strong, hard look mixed with a soft touch to create a rebellious, tough, and
chic biker style. Key pieces reflective of this trend are embellished
ready-to-wear, a biker jacket, the ankle boot, strong necklines and a studded
casual bag.


4). Bohemian Eclectic

This eclectic look from the 70’s-inspired hippie chicks is
here to stay. To take advantage of this updated bohemian style, you blend a mix
& match modern gypsy look with global chic to create this eclectic and artsy
look. To express your individual style with this trend look for pieces like the
full printed skirt, colored tights worn with stacked heels, global print
scarves, pattern tunics and a boho-style handbag out of suede with fringe.


I hope this season you will consider adding a few statement
trends into your wardrobe to look at bit more fashion forward. Remember,
simplicity is key. Keep you head-to-toe look congruent and communicating one
style. It’s fun to add a few new pieces to your current wardrobe – it makes it
feel like you own a new outfit or two without spending a lot of money. Once you
understand the key trends prior to your shopping spree, you can shop on the
Internet, discount or department stores, as they will all be showing these
latest trends. Take this article along with you on your next trip to the mall
to find a few fashion trends that you think are worth a try.


Hathorn is a certified image consultant, speaker and corporate image advisor.

company, Illustra Image Consulting, works with individuals, professional
service organizations and companies to create a professional image that
achieves winning results. She is the co-author of the new book, Image Power, as
well as numerous articles on fashion, professional presence and updating your
image, both individual and corporate.

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