What Does Your Dress Say About You?

What Does Your Dress Say About You?

The other day I was out to dinner with some girlfriends and I noticed an older woman, around 60 enjoying a dinner date with her husband or boyfriend. As I looked at her, I felt sad because it was obvious she was trying so hard to look younger but it was clear that she had not accepted her age or didn’t understand how to dress modern, but age appropriate. She had bleached blonde hair, which made her complexion look pale, and she wore too much make-up. Her total outfit was tight, low and revealing. She wore a tight, low knit- top revealing a great deal of cleavage with a short mini-skirt. During my dinner I continued to contemplate what image she wanted to convey to the world.

Women at every age can look stylish and chic when you understand how to dress age appropriate. For example this woman would have looked more confident, chic and elegant if she had a better hair color that added some warmth to her skin tone and a more natural, well-blended make-up application. As we age we still need to continue to wear make-up to give our skin tone some color and complete our ensemble. Remember, when applying make-up that less is more! Now for the revealing, short and tight outfit. I think it looked as though she wanted to relive those great, younger years from her days long past. I often find this with older clients. They struggle to really find an age appropriate style and understand what looks good on them as their bodies have changed so they revert back to dressing younger like they did when they were in their 30’s. I’d rather dress this women in a beautiful, sophisticated dark neutral A-line flirty skirt hemmed at the knee, worn with a romantic fitted blouse. Add some great jewelry, a sassy handbag and heels and she looks elegant and stylish and ready for her dinner date. This type of dressing is much more age appropriate. It shows her shapely legs and the skirt is sexy when she walks. It’s a much better way to dress sexy as we age than showing too much skin. It’s also very appropriate to wear out to a dinner engagement. What does your clothing communicate about you? It’s something to really think about. Everywhere you go people are looking at your and forming judgements. Make sure your image conveys the right message.

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