Safari Swimwear for Spring 2008

Safari Swimwear for Spring 2008

This season the Out of Africa trend will be seen in the summers latest swimwear. It’s a great way to look modern at the beach or the pool. Don’t get caught up in the old wives tale that prints make us look larger. This is absolutely not true. Select a print that is complimentary to your body frame. Here’s a great camouflage secret with printed swimwear. When you wear a print it camouflages your challenging area because the eye continues to move around the print, therefore not focusing on your tummy or your large bust line. Here are a few trendy suits that are great looking on those who can sport those itsy bitsy bikinis or those of us who look more elegant in a one-piece or long tankini.

Baring Bikini’s


If you can wear a skimpy bikini and have a great body to show to the world, by all means do it! Here is a animal print bikini which is a beautiful brown tone which will really highlight your warm coloring.

One Piece Animals

Leopardprint Pandaprint

Here is a one-piece leopard print that is really attractive. Again if you have brown or blonde hair, this would look great on you.

Another one-piece choice is the panda print. With the high contrast of these colors and prints, it would complement the woman who has dark black hair and ivory complexion.

Tankini Wild


If you are conscious about your large hips or thighs, here is a tankini with a skirted pant in a wild animal print.

Shopping for a colorful and modern suit this season, I hope you think about the ultra-modern animal prints. You will find them in all colors, styles and types of swimwear this season. Pair it with a great cover-up in a solid color that complements the tones in the suit and you are set for the summertime.

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