Floral Fancy

Floral Fancy

This season we are seeing floral prints everywhere. We haven’t seen many floral prints in the past like we are this spring. Here are some interpretations of this season’s trend. You will want to select a print that is comparable to your body scale which means if you are short and petite, don’t buy a large print. You will look more in proportion and balance with a smaller print. Botanical prints this spring are small, medium and large. They come in all silhouettes so be sure to find one that flatters your body type . You will see floral prints in swimwear, blouses, skirts, shorts, and dresses and on all types of accessories. Let’s look at a few beautiful pieces in a few of these categories.

Floral Dresses


Flowery Blouses


Botanical Skirts


Look at selecting just 1-2 items in a botanical print this season. You will look modern and age appropriate.

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