Sizzling Hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2008

Sizzling Hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2008

This season you will see a lot of new hairstyles, which are complementary to many face shapes. Here are a few of my favorite celebrity hairstyles for spring 2008. I think sometimes it is difficult to find a modern version of short or longer styles. Use this chart as a guide to help you change your hairstyle slightly to reflect the trend of the season. A modern haircut better compliments the trendy styles you will be wearing for spring and summer.

Shorter Hairstyles
This season you will see versions of the bob from the angled-bob, the curly bob and the straight edged bob. Below you see Katie Holmes in a straight diagonal cut bob, which is very modern. Hilary Swank has a more traditional bob style where it is cut straight across below her chin area.


Long Layers of Wavy Hair
If you love long hair, don?t be afraid to let your wavy curls show off your hair texture for spring. In these photo’s Kate Hudson and Ali Larter look sophisticated and romantic with their wavy tendrils falling over their shoulders.


Blunt Bangs Compliment Longer Hair
This season bangs return with a blunt cut to help add texture and interest to long hair. Misha Barton and Halle Berry look modern with their longer locks and blunt type bangs.


With all these great styles, I am confident you can find a style that reflects your personal style and is perfect for your lifestyle.

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