Crayola Colors for Spring 2008

Crayola Colors for Spring 2008



This season we are seeing the bold, saturated crayola colors for spring. You will see bright colors like red, royal blue, safety orange, canary yellow and bright green. These colors will be in trendy spring clothing, along with accessories like handbags, and shoes.

When you wear these saturated colors, keep your accessories rather simple so that you don’t over do it. When you wear bright colors, you want people to notice the bright hue. Wear only one bright item and let the others be more subtle. For example, don’t wear a bright dress, bright handbag and shoes. Instead opt for a bright dress, metallic shoes and handbag to lessen the intensity. You can also pair a bright yellow jacket with a white pair of pants or skirt to tone down the bright color.

As an image consultant I would caution you to try to wear a color that complements your personal coloring. If you look great in warm tones, try the yellow or green. A more neutral toned person may try the clear, bright red, while royal blue looks great on those with cool and rosy skin tones.

Bright, saturated hues are great this season. Be sure you feel confident when wearing them or try another trend. Oftentimes you need the aggressive, bolder personality to wear these color that should be in harmony with your true self.

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