Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare

One of the must-have wardrobe essentials for both men and women is the classic trench coat. This essential item can be worn in rain or snow and is great in the southern climate when you don’t need a wool coat for the winter weather but you do need something to protect you from the elements. Today the trench coat is a great investment because while it has classic lines it has a modern twist with styling ,which makes it a classic-trend garment. This means that it will remain in style for five or more years since it is has classic lines, but all vendors are making them in more fashion forward styles.

The trench coat was created as an alternative coat to the British and French soldiers during World War I. Thomas Burberry, who created the design for the Army Officers raincoats in 1901, designed it. The shoulder straps and D-rings held ammunition and supplies for the soldiers. It earned its name the "trench coat" from the soldiers on the front line. Numerous men returned home from the war and kept their coats that remained fashionable for both men and women.

Burberry1 Burberry2

Today owning a trench coat should be a basic in every man and woman’s wardrobe. Here are some updated more classic-trend styles, which are great investments because even though they are a bit more modern, they are still a great investment. If you decide to invest in a Burberry classis trench coat. this will always remain timeless. You want to be sure your coat is functional so be sure it is rainproof, protecting you from the elements. If you live in a cold wintry climate, be sure it has a wool zip-out lining, which will make it more versatile for winter and spring and be sure it’s length is appropriate if it’s purpose is to protect your suit from the elements. The last thing to look for is the proper silhouette for your body type. You want to be sure it is flattering on you meaning the length and the cut is right for your figure or physique. You don’t want to have too much billowing in the styling which can make you appear larger than you are. It just needs to skim your body silhouette.

Here are some great updated styles for men and women. Notice that trenches now come in fabrications from metallic to shiny, pastels and fun animal prints. The man’s trench coat here is more modern as it is shorter and a bit more trendy.

Macys2  Macys4 

This is one of those must-have?s for your wardrobe. I’ve had a modern trench coat that I purchased 5 years ago which still looks great and modern. In Atlanta, it definitely protects my nice clothing from the rainy weather. A great coat can keep you looking stylish while in transit and keep you warm the same time.

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