Winter Whites

Winter Whites

January and early February is a great time to wear winter white. It’s a great transition color from those dark winter hues to a lighter more elegant way to approach the early spring. It’s a lighter shade gives you a more spring feeling, but you still have the wool fabrics to give you warmth.


A beautiful winter white coat in a short or knee-length style is a show stopper. While a black coat may be more practical, a winter white one is unusual and a show stopper. While you will need to think about dry cleaning expense with the purchase of this coat, it is a great color for a dress coat.


I’ve always loved a beautiful winter white suit to start wearing in January through March. This type of suit is great for those dressier occasions. Pair it with a beautiful pastel silk blouse and some metallic shoes and you look modern and elegant.

A winter white dressy blouse and wool/crepe dress pants is another great look. I always think one pair of winter white pants that just skim over your body is a nice wardrobe addition to all those dark neutral pants. In fact, you will look more slender in a beautiful pair of winter white slacks that drape over your curves than with a black pair of pants that are too tight. With one pair of these slacks in your wardrobe you can wear it with a beautiful cashmere sweater for business casual or mix it with one of you suit jackets for a more suited look.

Think about incorporating a winter white garment into your look as we begin the transition to spring.

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