Fashionable Coats for Winter 2008

Fashionable Coats for Winter 2008

With colder temperatures arriving soon, it’s time to consider buying a new stylish coat. The number of coats you own may depend on the climate where you live. Everyone needs a few coats in their wardrobe to look polished and chic while out in the winter weather.

If you are deciding to add a new coat this season take into consideration it’s function, your budget and lifestyle. I always feel it is best to invest in classic-trend styles. These are styles with an updated twist to a classic silhouette. Coats are investment pieces so it is wise to invest in one with a classic silhouette that will remain in style for 4-5 years. Your cost per wear over 4 years will be a worthwhile expenditure.

Here a a few of my favorite classic-trend coat styles for winter 2008. I think we all have those leather jackets from years gone by, so now it the time to invest in a more modern updated classic coat.


Belted Coat – this is a new version of the classic coat but the belt is a creative way to show off your waistline or perhaps create one if you feel as though you have lost your waist of younger years.


Updated Trench Coat – The new trench coats come in shiny fabrics, bright colors and new fabrications. They tend to be shorter and sassier than the older? longer versions.


The Shearling Coat – If you live in a colder climate, you will definitely get your investment out of a classic shearling coat. This is not only stylish but extremely warm. You can dress it up or dress it down which makes it a very versatile piece.


Pea or Military Coat – The new military pea coats come in new colors like cream, red, plaid, etc. to add some spice and color to your coat selection. Great to wear with dress pants, or jean for a casual updated look.


Modern Wool Coat – These coats are classier and very sophisticated from decades past. They are shorter but very elegant and great for a new work coat or to pair with denim jeans for an dressier occasion.

When wearing any of these styles, you will feel fashionably chic. No matter what your personal style or body type, you will find a new modern classic coat which works for your silhouette. Don’t be afraid to try on various styles and be objective when critiquing how you look in it. You need to look stylish all the time, so why not look polished when you are outside in the winter weather.

Don’t forget to add an updated trendy hat, scarf or gloves as accessories to your classic coat. This is a great way to add spice and interest to your coat and give it the finishing touches it needs!

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