Dressing Tips for Baby Boomers

Dressing Tips for Baby Boomers

When woman start approaching 50, they become extemely frustrated that they can’t wear the same colors and styles of their youth. As they mature, they tend to gain more weight and their body changes in different places. It can be very challenging trying to dress stylish, look slimmer and find styles that are age appropriate.

Here are a few of my tips for the successful baby boomers looking to update their look.

Softer & Neutral Tones Look Best
As we age our hair, eyes and skin tone becomes light so we look better in softer shades of color. Neutrals like charcoal, brown, navy and khaki work for this age group due to the fact that neutrals??will make you appear slimmer. I encourage all my clients in this age group to have fun with the accent brighter colors and patterns in their blouses, jewerly, shoes and handbags. This way you add a splash of color, but you are not wearing alof of the brightcolors and prints on your silhouette. When you wear brighter colors up by your face in blouses, scarves and jewerly, you instantly more vibrant.

Black Can Be Harsh Looking
I know everyone thinks black makes you look slimmer and chic, but that is simply not true. Be careful when you wear black up near your face. As we mature, black can cast dark shadows on our face and accentuate your lines and wrinkles. Through a color analysis, if black has not been selected as one of your compimentary colors, you can look pale and washed out in this color. When you are pale, you then try to add more make-up to bring life and color back to your face. Personally the deepen lines and more make-up doesn’t make for a youthful appearance.

Accessory Magic
Accessories are one great way to add pizazz to your outfit. A well-dressed women always has just the right amount of accesssories to add interest and pull her ensemble together. When older woman have gained a few extra pounds around the middle tummy area, wearing a great necklace and earrings is a great way to pull the attention away from the mid-section and up to her face.

Fit is Critical
It’s important to get the perfect fit in your clothes. Every woman is shaped differently and we all need a little alterations nip and tuck from time to time to have each piece look as though it was made for us. When your clothes fit and drape beautifully over your silhouette, you look slimmer. When in college and studying clothing design, I learned the art of fit. I’d?personally rather?own fewer wardrobe items that fit me like a glove and tailored for my specific?body type, than own a closet bursting with garments I bought off the rack that hang on me and don’t allow me to look my absolute best.

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